A return to the witch-hunting 1980’s

Besi Besemar June 20, 2013

With reference to the article on Danny Dwer, (The Argus, 08 June) headlined ‘Pillar of Gay Community denies unsafe sex claims’. Upon reading this piece of crude character assignation I was immediately transported back to the atmosphere and climate of the witch-hunting 1980’s; where prejudice was presented as public interest and prurience masqueraded as public morals.

The Argus, proudly promoting itself as a ‘Family Newspaper’, has really slipped back into the hate filled past with this pillorying of an private individual. Where did the author of this
poison gather the background info to cobble together such salacious sanctimony – from trawling sex websites?

One of the worst pieces of gutter journalism I have seen in the Argus in many years.

What disturbs me most is not he contents of the piece but the motivation of the ‘journalist’ who wrote it, and the subsequent editorial decision to publish.