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LETTER TO EDITOR: Which Gay Bars allow e-cigarettes?

October 7, 2017

I do not know if you have done this previously and I have not seen it in any recent publishing, but have you considered running an article about which Gay Bars in Brighton and Hove allow or do not permit e-cigarettes?

I ask due to recent incident in a local gay bar where people were using them but when I asked the barman if they were allowed he said “No“, but when I asked the people who were using them some said they had been told it was ok.

Personally, I cannot abide smoking and was very pleased when it was banned. The introduction of the e-cigarette is annoying as it does smell unpleasant.

I think bars should have a clear policy regarding the use of E-cigarettes as it would impact on my (and a lot of people I know) decision to use that bar.

Yours sincerely,
Steve Brooks

Whats your view?