LETTER TO EDITOR: Time to acknowledge the superb work of Paul and Ducie

I’m very saddened to see that there are certain elements of our community have nothing better to do than make nasty comments about people who have for many years worked tirelessly with little thanks to make Brighton Pride the huge success it is.

Gareth Lloyd, Chair of Peer Action

Gareth Lloyd, Chair of Peer Action

Without the superb work of Paul Kemp and Dulcie Weaver, Pride simply wouldn’t happen and Peer Action via the Rainbow Fund would not be able to help people in the local community suffering from HIV or the social stigma and isolation that it is still attached to it.

Pride provides a financial lifeline for numerous small charities in the Brighton & Hove area that simply wouldn’t exist without the sterling efforts of the Pride team and The Rainbow Fund.

At Peer Action without the support of the Rainbow Fund we would not be able to continue to support our members within the community. The money provided by the Rainbow Fund allows us to provide activities such as Yoga, and therapeutic treatments for our service users which they simply wouldn’t be able to afford if they were to obtain this privately.

We also appreciate the support and guidance that the Rainbow Fund has given and continue to give  to help us run the charity with a very small number of very dedicated volunteers.

I’ve noted the Facegroup have made a complaint about the ticket prices this is nothing new but people need to understand that organising a very large event on this scale is seriously expensive.

In years gone by local councils were able to give grants to offset the cost but with the onset of Government budget cuts they can no longer do this.

One of the major costs in running an event such as this is policing. Brighton Pride have little or no control over this cost which is very substantial and organisers simply have to pay.

With no subsidies, the only way to raise the money to run these events is by sponsorship or increase ticket prices.

These individuals should concentrate their campaigning efforts on central government whose policy of austerity and cuts in council funding are the real reasons why the cost of Pride is going up.

Keep up the good work.

On behalf of the trustees of Peer Action.

We stand with Pride.

Gareth Lloyd – Chair Of Trustees at Peer Action

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