In The South

LETTER TO EDITOR: Thank you for my award

Gary Pargeter August 24, 2018

“I am so grateful and happy to have received the Princess Diana community award at the Golden Handbag Awards – most especially because of all the wonderful citations that people have written.

Reading those, it feels quite overwhelming, in a good way! I am so grateful to everyone that contributed – and for all the kind and supportive words.

In all that each of us does individually and together, it already feels so rewarding to be active within a community that cares about and supports others; particularly those who are often marginalised, disadvantaged, and most vulnerable.

I’m so deeply grateful for all the support of our Lunch Positive volunteers. There is never a week goes by that I don’t reflect on what we have all created together at Lunch Positive, with and for our HIV community.

It is all so amazing – the commitment that everyone shows to our work and each other; and the sheer determination to achieve what we do every week at the lunch club and throughout the year in all of our other activities through voluntary action.

It really is a brilliant team, providing such an effective service that reaches so many people, with such impact. Our volunteers are fabulous! Thank you all so much, friends, colleagues, supporters. I’m overjoyed to have received this award.”

Letter from Gary Pargeter, Service Manager at Lunch Positive