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LETTER TO EDITOR: Thank you Brighton Pride for your “first class service” for the disabled

August 8, 2019

The media is concentrating on a few disabled people that unfortunately could not get onto the Disabled platform to see Kylie at Pride.

WHEN we registered for access prior to the event, we disabled people were asked if we intended to use the platform and were warned it was first come first served on the day. As with all such events, organisers need advising at point of application so enough resources can be provided.

I myself preferred to watch Kylie on the many big screens around the park.

Pride was NOT disgraceful for disabled people at Pride as the Argus have said. I go to many events around the country and can honestly say Brighton and Hove Pride provides the very best facilities so that disabled people can attend the event.

We get facilities on the Parade, we get fast track entry through the access gate. We get the Access tent with just about everything is thought about to make Pride as enjoyable as possible for the less able and disabled.

I would not be able to attend Pride if it was not for the first class service that is provided for the disabled at no cost to me.I even get a free ticket for a care assistant.

I would like to thank Brighton and Hove Pride for being miles ahead of any other large events for looking after the disabled in this way.

I would also like to thank everyone concerned with the Access Tent that must take a lot of planning and running.

We hear about a few problems in our media but I can honestly say many, many disabled people had a fantastic time at Pride thanks to all their wonderful volunteers and staff who thought about, just about everything.

Kind Regards

Robert Pattinson