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LETTER TO EDITOR: Stand with Pride!

February 4, 2018

I was glad to see Gscene report a further batch of tickets for Brighton Pride will go on sale on Monday morning exclusively for BN residents.

I’ve been concerned about some of the negative comments on social media about Pride and wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to Brighton Pride for its ongoing and increasing support to the Rainbow Fund who then distribute much-needed funds to LGBT+ groups and organisations to provide local services.

The Rainbow Chorus could not run it’s outreach work and RC+ monthly workshops without our grant from the Rainbow Fund and I know other grants reach the parts of our LGBT+ communities that are massively underfunded and in need. Without this funding many services and groups would not be able to function.

Brighton Pride isn’t perfect but it IS the best one in the UK, it IS the highest profile LGBT+ weekend in the year, it IS a fabulous event and being in the parade IS great fun and a great way to raise our profile and take over the city. Pride isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but let’s keep it for those who love it!

Pride is only possible with the help of hundreds of volunteers supporting a small dedicated team of paid workers and it is possible to get a free Pride ticket (and a free lunch) if you can donate a couple of hours of volunteer time not just as a wheel steward but for many other jobs on the day or leading up to the event.

With Pride,

Finola Brophy, Trustee, Rainbow Chorus