LETTER TO EDITOR: Equal bus fares for the elderly

I am an angry elderly frequent bus user.

I live in Saltdean and have for about 10 years. My partner and myself frequently venture into Brighton for a drink, theatre or just to socialise with friends.

We occasionally do this with some friends also living in Saltdean. I cannot understand why we have to panic and try to get the bus before 11pm (which we invariably miss and have to pay £2.50) and our friends don’t.

They have told us they never worry about getting home as they get their bus pass from Brighton & Hove council living on the Western side of Longridge avenue.

I have looked into this and find that with the Brighton & Hove Council an elderly bus user can use their pass until 03.59am but, East Sussex County Council can only use their pass until 11pm.

We find this annoying and discriminatory. Why can our neighbour stay at a party/event/theatre in the evening and not have to rush to get a bus before the bewitching hour of 11pm and we do.

I feel that East Sussex council should change their regulations to fall in with local councils offering the same concessions.  If Brighton & Hove City Council can offer these times for the service then why can’t East Sussex County Council?

Kind regards,

Joe Knight,

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