Lesflicks: the streaming service for Queer women

Rachel Badham November 10, 2020

Lesflicks is a fairly new entertainment platform sharing films which centre lesbian, bisexual and queer women. The volunteer run service, which was created “by film lovers, for film lovers”, holds a wide variety of LGBTQ+ films as well as movie reviews and online events. It also aims to support independent Queer film makers by sharing their work and making it more accessible to our community.

It features popular films and TV shows such I Can’t Think Straight, and Nicole Conn’s latest feature, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken. It also has films from all across the globe, such as Kenyan movie Rafiki.

A representative of Lesflicks said: “We are often underrepresented in the LGBTQ+ community and all too often the media fails to cover issues that directly relate to us – unless we’re attacked or sexualised – and therefore we rely on the power of individual members of the community to spread the word about us so that people know we exist.”

Lesflicks can be found here, or you can follow the service on social media @lesflicks. It is also encouraging users to fill out a short survey to increase data on queer film audiences which can be shared with filmmakers.