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Labour Candidate for Brighton Pavilion, calls for action on Equal Pay

Besi Besemar January 12, 2015

Purna Sen, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion, is calling for immediate Government action on Equal Pay.

Purna Sen
Purna Sen

Purna has written to Business Secretary Vince Cable calling on the government to take action on equal pay for women.

Purna said: “On December 16, MPs overwhelmingly backed calls led by Labour MPs for measures on pay transparency that would see big companies (with over 250 staff) required to publish their gender pay gap. However the Government has so-far refused to implement it. 

“Nationally women are still earning on average 81p for every pound a man earns, leaving themselves and their families poorer.

“In Brighton and Hove there are over four and a half thousand single working mothers, many of whom will be among the local women affected by this inequality.

“The measure is supported by leading employers including Price Waterhouse Coopers who are one of just 5 companies known to voluntarily publish the information. 

“The proposal comes back to Parliament on February 27 when Tories and Lib Dems will next have an opportunity to support pay transparency. But I’ve written to the Business Secretary calling on him to support Equal Pay now and get on with implementing pay transparency.

“Pay transparency will encourage firms to take action on the pay gap. Labour MPs are taking the lead on this issue in Parliament and if the Coalition refuses to take action Labour has pledged that the next Labour government will.”