Kylie joins young Brighton dancers in video for Brighton Pride

Besi Besemar July 18, 2019

Kylie Minogue headlines Brighton & Hove Pride on August 3, 2019, so Brighton based 201 Dance Company decided to do something special to welcome her to the city.

LED by choreographer Andrea Walker, the company brought together 80 young dancers from Brighton with videographer Ben Mark Films to create a dance video to her latest single New York City, celebrating young LGBT+ life in Brighton.

When the company told Kylie about the project, she loved the idea so much that she joined in, popping up in the video for a very fun cameo!

The video was shot on location in iconic places around Brighton, with a mix of professional and community dancers.

201 producer Patrick Collier said: “Kylie is such a pro, and such a lovely person. Having her involved made this a really special celebration of LGBT+ Brighton and meant so much to the dancers involved”.


After less than 24 hours, the video is already going viral in China, with over 100k views and counting! Last year, 201 Dance Company’s dance video welcoming Britney Spears to Brighton Pride went viral, gathering almost 150,000 views in a few days.

Choreographer Andrea Walker said: “Kylie has been a massively influential artist in my life and my career. She shaped my adolescence with songs like In Your Eyes and Red Blooded Woman, and has stuck by me till today with hits such as All the Lovers, Timebomb and Dancing. She has always been outspoken about her support for the LGBT+ communities: Growing up in Italy as a gay teen wasn’t easy, and Kylie’s support never went unnoticed to me, as I’m sure it didn’t to thousands other LGBT+ individuals around the world. We love you Kylie, thank you for your music, your talent, and for being the inspirational artist you are.”

201 Dance Company brings together artists and producers to create daring new work that is socially responsive and accessible. Their artists share a drive to tell stories that matter and give a voice to underrepresented groups, while bringing striking and original dance to diverse audiences.

201 was founded in 2014 by choreographer and director Andrea Walker, producer Patrick Collier, and a team of 6 hip hop and contemporary dancers and the company’s ethos centres around creating challenging dance-theatre that crosses hip hop and contemporary genres.

They are driven to confront controversial issues and challenge social prejudices, and partner with advocacy and outreach charities to make sure everyone can access dance, no matter what their background.