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Judge refuses review of trans-inclusive Equality Act recommendations

Rachel Badham May 7, 2021

Justice Henshaw, a member of London’s high court, has officially refused requests from the LGB Alliance founder to review trans-inclusive recommendations, made by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, regarding the 2010 Equality Act in a victory for trans rights. LGB Alliance founder Ann Sinnott argued the guidance given was “unlawful” on the basis it supposedly eroded ‘the existing rights of women’ by allowing trans women to use single-sex spaces. 

However, Henshaw recently ruled against Sinnott’s requests, saying: “The Code of Practice seeks to give concise and practicable advice. The claimant has shown no arguable reason to believe the Code has misled or will mislead service providers about their responsibilities under the Act in order to place women or girls at risk”, as first cited by PinkNews.

LGBTQ+ activists and advocacy groups are celebrating the decision, with Stonewall chief executive Nancy Kelly describing it as “great news”. Trans advocacy group Mermaids also shared a similar message on social media and affirmed ‘trans rights are human rights’. The LGB Alliance has not yet commented on the situation.