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Joe Black raffles off iconic RuPaul’s Drag Race outfit

Graham Robson March 26, 2021

Joe Black was Brighton’s first Drag Queen to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Unfortunately, Joe was the first queen to be eliminated this season but returned midseason to replace Veronica Green. However, Joe’s return was short lived when he decided to wear a pink H&M dress on stage when performing to UK Hun? in the RuRuVision Song Contest. RuPaul’s outburst over the off-the-rack H&M dress has now become a meme and has gone down in Drag Race Herstory!

Joe Black has kindly donated the infamous pink H&M dress to be raffled off to raise funds for HIV charity, the Sussex Beacon. Joe said: “I am so happy that the most dramatic and infamous fashion choice on television this year can be turned into something that can genuinely impact and help people. So it is my absolute pleasure to be handing this over to the Sussex Beacon and hopefully together we can help raise a lot of money for a charity doing such fantastic work. Fashion changes lives but only if a television host is really, really angry about it.”

To enter the raffle, CLICK HERE