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Art installation depicting the suffering of the people of Ukraine arrives in Brighton & Hove

Graham Robson May 16, 2023

An art installation depicting the suffering of the people of Ukraine has arrived in Brighton & Hove, standing in Valley Gardens, close to the Mazda Fountain, from 15 – 31 May 2023.

The 13 foot high silhouettes cut from steel show a soldier holding a baby, whilst leading a refugee mother and child to safety, and aims to highlight the plight of those suffering in war-torn Ukraine.

Created by the community group Standing with Giants, the installation has been touring around the country and has already visited other towns including Portsmouth and Worthing.

Standing with Giants has also created several other art installations commemorating those who lost their lives in the Falklands War and in tribute to NHS heroes.

As the installation has travelled across the country, Ukrainian refugees and charities have been coming to visit the artwork, gathering together to remember their homeland.

The installation’s launch was attended by Lizzie Deane, Mayor of Brighton & Hove, who said: “The city of Brighton & Hove is pleased and proud to welcome Ukrainian refugees, and this sculpture will serve to remind residents and visitors alike of their presence within our community, and our willingness to help and support them as much as we can for the duration of this terrible conflict.”

Dan Barton, who worked in collaboration with artist Peter Naylor to help him produce his vision, added: “Ukrainian refugees and charities have been invited to visit and use the installation to help raise awareness and funds for those suffering in Ukraine.

“Art can send a powerful message to aggressors and show a meaningful message of solidarity to those in need. Everywhere we take this sculpture, we see an outpouring of emotion.”

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