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Helsa – new online platform for LGBTQ+ mental health

June 11, 2020

Helsa, a new free and UK-based LGBTQ+ mental health platform, has been launched to help LGBTQ+ people improve their mental health, particularly in these unprecedented times.

Helsa is an online platform that helps LGBTQ+ people improve their mental health by:
  • Helping LGBTQ+ people understand their own mental health better, through online wellbeing tests and LGBTQ+ specific mental health content.
  • Matching LGBTQ+ people with LGBTQ+ specialised therapists that are right for their unique needs and requirements through a matching algorithm.
  • Letting you browse a therapist directory and connecting you directly with one of 50+ partner therapists online and offline (post the pandemic, of course), all of which are vetted, accredited and specialised in LGBTQ+ mental health.
The platform is completely free to use and setting up a user account takes a couple of minutes.
For more info, visit the Helsa website here: