PRODUCT REVIEW: ‘ONE’: Condoms and Personal Lubricant

September 30, 2017


Condoms & Personal Lubricant

Product Review

These fun circular new condoms, called ‘One’ are easy to use, can  be opened with ease and there’s a selection of different options, ultra-thin, sensitive, larger etc,  then some slightly daft glow in the dark ones, and lively flavours and various forms of ribbing which may be of more interest to our Hetro friends. The glow-in-the-dark ones were a laugh, radioactive StarWars pork sword fighting…..

Bf and I gave most of them a good hard test run over the week and they performed to our exacting standards.  I gave the carton called ‘Mixed Pleasures’ of ribbed and flavoured ones to a lady friend and her feedback was that they were cool, fun and neat, although she (like us) prefers the fresh taste of cock to that of a bubble-gum dick, she said the favours worked fine.  It’s all about the options with ‘Ones’.

There’s two good lube options, a water based and a hybrid silicon/water one, both concentrated and in neat little dispensers. They worked well under a range of our hot and sweaty test conditions, lasted the duration and refreshed easily although opening the damn bottle proved a little difficult until we snapped the lid off.

It’s  all styled very well:  coloured metallic glossy aluminium carrying tubs and cool compact lube boxes, highly styled for everyday usage, but some folk want their bang supplies to be bang on trend. The lube is just the right size for a weekend away or holiday (100ml), unless you’re heading to Folsom in which case keep with the shipping containers of grease.  ONE condom wrappers are as diverse as the people using them. Using art and creativity, they say they aim to minimize awkwardness and spark conversations around safer sex.

They certainly look good in your erotic parlour or just next to the bed, are well packaged for travelling and the main container packaging works as storage that you can refill.

Check out their Tom of Finland condoms, very cool!

This is a fun brand, with the emphasis on ‘fun’, and all the condoms have colourful logo’s and pictures on them, but at the end of the day a dick is a dick and no matter where you stuff it & if you’re gonna wrap it in rubber then it’s worth checking out these new(ish) kids on the block.  The website gives you endless choice and they are produced by the world’s leading condom manufacturer, so no need to worry about quality.

They also happen to be a local firm, based in Shoreham and already produce lot of condoms and lube that you’ve been using for years.  ONE condoms also work to provide free information for those who need it most through outreach programs financed by proceeds from each sale and you can apply into their fund if you have an event you think would benefit from stylish and fun sexual health materials.

You can even submit your own condom wrapper design if you like, and join the illustrious list of people who have contributed to the lively branding.

For more info or to buy some ‘Ones’ see their website here or you can pop down to your local Superdrug and buy them over the counter, easy.