Have Your Say: new research to explore alcohol use in UK transgender and non-binary communities

Graham Robson February 14, 2022

Dr Dean Connolly and Dr Emma Davies from the Centre of Psychological Research at Oxford Brookes University are inviting you to take part in a research study, which will explore alcohol use among UK-based trans and/or non-binary people.

The purpose of the study is to explore both the positive and negative experiences of alcohol use in the UK transgender and non-binary (trans) population.

The researchers say: “To date, trans people have been overlooked in UK alcohol use research. This is, in part, because historical measures of gender haven’t considered that gender may exist beyond the binary (male/female) or that it may differ from birth-assigned sex.

“We hope that by addressing this lack of representation we can begin a dialogue that will inform both future research and the development of relevant health messages and inclusive alcohol reduction services, with the overarching aim of making alcohol use safer for trans people.

If you are aged 18 years or older and identify as transgender and/or non-binary, CLICK HERE to take part or for more info.