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Happy Bi Visibility Day!

Rachel Badham September 23, 2021

Created to celebrate the bisexual and queer community while also debunking myths surrounding bisexuality, September 23 is international Bi Visibility Day. Although bi+ people are commonly erased both from and within the LGBTQ+ community, it is thought that they make up over 50% of all LGBTQ+ people. Furthermore, bisexual people have some of the highest rates of anxiety and mental health issues in the LGB community, according to figures from Stonewall

In an effort to raise awareness about the difficulties the bi+ community faces while also shining a light on bi+ history and the activism work of many prominent bisexual figures, Bi Visibility Day was born in 1999. Many LGBTQ+ activists, advocacy groups and bi+ celebrities have marked the occasion on social media, with Stonewall tweeting: “Happy #BiVisibilityDay! Every day of the year we love & celebrate our bi community and supporters.”

Gendered Intelligence also shared a message of support for the bi+ community: “Today, and every day, we celebrate the diversity of bisexual people and their experiences, and wholeheartedly reject biphobia and bi erasure.” To discover more about bisexuality and how to combat biphobia, Stonewall’s Bi Visibility Hub offers advice on allyship as well as personal stories from the bi+ community. 

Happy Bi Visibility Day from Scene!