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Gscene LGBTQ Election hustings: the candidates respond.

Gscene Editorial Team November 25, 2019

Ahead of the UK General Election we are hosting an LGBTQ Election hustings on November 27th. The G-Scene News Team has written to all candidates, in all three Brighton & Hove constituencies, asking them all the same question.

We shall share their answers with you as we get them.

Today we hear from Joe Miller from The Conservative Party standing in Kemptown and Peacehaven


“What do you see as the challenges faced by our LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton&Hove, and how would you address them in Parliament if we elect you to represent us?” 

I worked hard with a Green Party councillor to ensure Council and NHS budgets supported more extensive roll out of PrEP, which continues to be too limited. We need to break the stigma around HIV and I praise Lloyd Russell-Moyle for helping towards this. We also need to ensure those with HIV are properly supported in their treatment; having visited Sussex Beacon recently it is essential similar services receive sufficient funding and similar services rolled out across the country.

  • Poor mental health in LGBTQ+ communities requires support. I will campaign for services to be properly funded and to be accessible in all education settings and across our city
  • Albion and Whitehawk FC amongst others do much to support accessibility and inclusion in sport. I will campaign to deliver a roll out more of their work and similar projects with these aims.
  • The trans-remembrance service right here in Dorset Gardens every year, bears witness to horrific levels of violence suffered by the trans community.  I will campaign to ensure the Police take all cases of LGBTQ+ hate crime seriously and prosecute effectively.
  • I am particularly concerned about homelessness in young LGBTI+ people. We need support housing for vulnerable young people and victims of domestic violence and will campaign to ensure adequate, accessible services.
  • Many older LGBTQ+ people are socially isolated I will campaign to raise awareness, inclusion and support.
  • If I am successful in replacing our Labour MP, we will retain Kemptown’s LGBTQIA+ representation at the House of Commons!

The GScene LGBTQ+ Election Hustings. Wednesday 27th November 7 – 9pm. Dorset Gardens Methodist Church