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Gay village street party in jeopardy

Besi Besemar June 14, 2013

Brighton Pride Village Street Party
Sharon Barr, Chair of The Gay Village Party Ltd has announced that this years Village Street Party has been put in jeopardy due to Eristoff Vodka withdrawing their promised financial support.
The Gay Village Street Party had been in discussions with the vodka brand managers for the last six months. Last Friday without any warning Sharon Barr claims she was telephoned and told the main donation from Eristoff Vodka was being withdrawn. She claims no notice was given.
Sharon Barr
Sharon Barr

Sharon said:

“This is a huge blow to the event. Bacardi-Brown Foreman owners of the Eristoff brand had promised £15,000 towards this years event. The bars in return agreed to sell Eristoff as their favoured Vodka Brand  for 6 months.
“We are now so close to the event that I really cannot see us raising the funds needed to pull the event off. I am meeting with the Bars, Council and Police next week in order to decide what the next step will be. I urge ALL business’s in the St James Street area to pull together and donate as much money as possible to make this event work.”
“I will be able to give more information after the meeting on June 19.”
Bacardi-Brown  Foreman have been asked to comment.