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Gay Star News helps LGBT+ people ‘be who you are’

Besi Besemar March 28, 2017

Equalities Minister and Mayor of London welcome new Gay Star News initiative.

Snickers and Gay Star News have launched a new campaign today to help LGBT+ people called; ‘be who you are’.

Gay Star Support, a new part of the Gay Star News site, will provide resources for anyone in the community who is struggling and telling the stories of LGBT+s who have been through tough times and now want to help others.

Snickers is sponsoring Gay Star Support and will use its online advertising to send the message to everyone that they should ‘be who you are’.

Mitch Oliver
Mitch Oliver

Mitch Oliver, UK Vice President of Marketing for Mars Chocolate UK, said: We want to promote friendship and the support network we all give each other. That’s what the Snickers brand stands for; good friendship, camaraderie and being the best version of yourself.

“We all know Snickers tells us “you are not yourself when you are hungry”. Now it will tell us “your friends will accept you whoever you are, in all your colours”.

Tris Reid-Smith
Tris Reid-Smith

Tris Reid-Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Gay Star News, added: LGBT+ people face specific issues like coming out or overcoming hate. And like everyone else, we have relationship ups and downs, problems at school, work or home, body issues and more.

Gay Star Support will provide inspiration from people who have gone through this, useful advice and a list of places to turn if you are struggling.

If our work with Snickers and Mars helps just a few people be their true selves, it will be worth it. But our dream is to inspire everyone to support their friends. That way we can make a real difference not just to LGBT+s but to the whole community.”

With LGBT+ mental health now a major concern in the varied LGBT+ communities, the initiative has been welcomed by the Equalities Minister and the Mayor of London.

Caroline Dinenage MP
Caroline Dinenage MP

Minister for Women, Equalities and Early Years, Caroline Dinenage MP, said: “No one should be held back simply because of their sexuality or gender identity. We want a society where everyone has a fair chance to go as far as their talent and their hard work will allow. This Government is committed to tackling historic injustices which have affected far too many people.

Hubs such as Gay Star Support play such an important role in society. I am thrilled that it will give people a place to feel supported, share experiences and ultimately celebrate their identity.”

Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, added: “I’m am proud that London is home to one of largest, most visible and diverse LGBT+ communities in the world, and I want the city to be a place where LGBT+ people feel truly valued, healthy, happy and safe.

‘I’m pleased to see Gay Star News launching this great initiative, helping people to share their own experiences and break down the stigma around mental health.”

To read the inspirational stories and resources available, click here: