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Study: 45% of gay and bi men have experienced sexual assault

Rachel Badham July 23, 2021

New research from SurvivorsUK, an organisation that supports men and non-binary people who have experienced sexual assault, found that nearly half of gay and bisexual men have been sexually assaulted, with those aged between 18 and 34 being most likely to have experienced unwanted sexual contact. 

Out of the 505 gay and bi men who were interviewed by SuvivorsUK, 37% of those who had experienced sexual assault reported feeling as if they could not share what had happened with anyone. Only 14% reported the assault to authorities, and one-third of those who did report to the police said they felt that they were not taken seriously. 

50% of those who reported being sexually assaulted said they had been touched in an intimate way without consent, with a further 25% saying an intimate picture of themself had been shared with a third party without consent. 31% of those who had experienced sexual assault said the incident occurred in a bar or club. 

In response to the findings, Alex Feis-Bryce, CEO of SurvivorsUK, said: “There is much work to be done to raise awareness about this issue in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond as well as ensuring that the police and criminal justice system, which currently fails so many survivors, is a safe and accessible place for gay and bisexual men.”