Mr Gay Europe 2023 to return to Alnwick Castle in August

Graham Robson April 11, 2023

Delegates from all over Europe will meet on historical grounds when they return to Alnwick Castle and Gardens for Mr Gay Europe from 20 – 27 August 2023. This is the 15th time the competitions will take place, and there will be a few changes to the rules.

Organisers have announced an Open Call for the annual event, which means that anyone who identify as a gay man, living in a European country for at least 12 months, can register to represent their home country.

Some countries have national producers, and they had until 1 April 2023 to announce whether they were going to send a delegate or not. If they decline anyone can register. You can register today!

The Mr Gay Europe team wants to stress that they strive to have as much diversity among the finalists as possible, including colour, cultural background, religion, line of work, education, social background etc. Transmen are also welcome. The first step to become a finalist is to register online.

The only limits are that you must live in Europe, you must identify as a gay man, be 18 years or older, and register online before the deadline of 25 April 2023. You must also be able to travel to and stay at Alnwick from 20 – 27 August 2023.

This year’s Mr Gay Europe 2023 will focus on the theme ‘Mental Health’. When you register, you will be asked which subject within the theme you think is most important or needs to be addressed in the year to come.

A third piece of news is that instead of My Project, where the finalists have to promote and present a project they would like to work with if they win, all the delegates will be asked to come up with Our Project that the titleholder and the other finalists would like to work with for the next 12 months.

In breath-taking surroundings, the finalists will spend a whole week with exciting challenges, interesting seminars, and excellent chances to build their own Pan-European network and meet new friends.

Matt Rood – Winner of Mr Gay Europe 2017

Mr Gay Europe President Tore Aasheim explains: “When this year’s producer Stuart Hatton Jr came to me and investigated the possibilities to host Mr Gay Europe for another year at Alnwick Garden, it did not take long for the team to agree that it was an excellent idea. Stuart and his team did a fantastic job with MGE2022 under challenging conditions due to the aftermath of the Covid epidemic, and we would love to come back to the magical Alnwick Garden.

“I also had the pleasure to meet the Duchess of Northumberland who kindly allowed us to have the finale at the Garden. Her Grace expressed great support for our cause, and she asked if we would like to come back next year. An invitation like that is of course hard to turn down, and if you then add the great work of the English team, the choice for next year’s venue was not really a difficult one.”

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