Gay hook up site supports LGBT+ rights at L.A. Pride

Gay hook up site’s message promotes national solidarity in Support of LGBT + Rights.

Gay hookup site affirmed its support of LGBT+ rights at L.A. Pride’s Resist March on Sunday, June 11 with bus shelter ads proclaiming “Let’s Make America Gay Again.”

The signs, featuring two gay men holding the American flag along with the words “Dear Mr. President, Let’s Make America Gay Again,” had first appeared on billboards in Los Angeles and New York City during President Donald Trump’s January 20 inauguration.

The adverts placed in 15 bus shelters along the parade route, were a play on Trump’s campaign slogan “Let’s Make America Great Again,” and demonstrate Canada based’s commitment to support gay rights world-wide as well as to positively encourage Trump and his administration to take LGBT+ rights seriously. The ads will remain up for the rest of this week.

“To us, ‘Make America Gay Again’ isn’t just a catch phrase, but a statement in support of gay and LGBT+ rights at a time when fear is at an all-time high!” said Attila Szatmari, digital business director for Pink Triangle Press,’s parent company. “We received such a positive response to the billboard campaign we wanted to bring that energy back and give people that sense of community and solidarity with a powerful message!”

 The ResistMarch replaced this year’s annual L.A. Pride Parade after organisers agreed to set aside the festive parade in favour of a march to oppose growing anti-gay and anti-LGBT+ sentiment under the Trump Administration.

The march began at Hollywood and Highland and follow a 3.1 mile route to La Brea Avenue, then turn onto Santa Monica Boulevard and ended at San Vicente Boulevard in West Hollywood, at the entrance of the Pride festival site.

The original billboard campaign was the result of much discussion and fear by many in the gay community who were apprehensive about the Trump administration.

Trump’s opposition in 2016 to gay marriage and support for judges who would seek to overturn the Marriage Equality Act that legalised gay unions is one of the many points of concern.

Transgender rights have also come under fire after Trump has repeatedly voiced his support for the controversial law in North Carolina that bans transgender people from using bathrooms that do not conform with the gender that they were born with.

Moreover, Trump has also vowed to sign the so-called First Amendment Defense Act that protects discrimination on religious grounds, thereby prohibiting action against those who “believes or acts in accordance of their religious beliefs or moral conviction” that marriage is defined as the union between a man and woman.

Amid this backdrop, the Los Angeles Daily News reported on April 4 that Los Angeles Police Department statistics showed a 15 percent increase in hate crimes in 2016, along with a notable spike in attacks against the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

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