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Former LGBTQ+ advisor “saddened” by disbandment of government panel

Rachel Badham April 15, 2021

Jayne Ozanne

Jayne Ozanne, a former government LGBTQ+ advisor, has expressed concern after the full advisory panel was disbanded earlier this week. The panel was originally set up under Theresa May as part of the LGBT Action Plan, with the aim of advising ministers “on issues and policies concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people”, but was officially disbanded on March 31

Liz Truss announced the disbandment of the panel

Speaking to Sky News, Ozanne said she is “deeply saddened” by the government’s decision to axe the panel, adding: “It was a group of experts in their fields who understood the LGBTQ+ community in all its forms, and we all wanted to work with the government to help it implement its LGBT Action Plan, which also seems to have been put on hold.” She also said it sends a “worrying signal to the LGBTQ+ community that their needs aren’t being heard.”

Ozanne quit her position last month, along with two other advisors, saying she was “increasingly concerned about what is seen to be a hostile environment for LGBTQ+ people among this administration.” She also criticised equalities ministers Liz Truss and Kemi Badenoch, saying: I don’t believe that they understand LGBTQ+ people, particularly transgender people. I’ve sat in meetings and I’ve been astonished about how ignorant they are on issues that affect the real lives.”