Film about AIDS denialism cancelled after student petition

Besi Besemar December 12, 2012

A planned screening of the film House of Numbers – an infamous propaganda piece which states that the link between HIV and AIDS is a myth and that people diagnosed as HIV positive should stop taking their medication, was cancelled today following a petition which objected to the screening of the film.

The screening was organised by Dr Karl Cox from the University of Brighton’s School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics who in personal communication with the Student Unions LGBT’s Wellbeing Convenor,  appeared to have made clear his support for the film’s denialist perspective as truth to University of Brighton students.

The views expressed in the film are considered dangerous and widely-debunked lies. AIDS denialism kills people, the film portrays dedicated healthcare workers as dupes or frauds and in the process funnels valuable resources away from HIV charities and organisations.

After a peaceful protest against the propaganda, University of Brighton student society, LGBrighTon, along with the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) had planned a post-screening discussion about the film which Dr. Cox had refused to take part in.
Despite the cancellation of the film screening, University of Brighton Student society, LGBrighTon and THT will still be hosting a discussion at 5pm today in Watts 314 on the Moulsecoomb campus at the University of Brighton.

Everyone is welcome to attend.