Farewell to Pride in Canterbury

December 31, 2012

WEB.220.Logo - PrideThe organisers of Pride in Canterbury posted the following final message on their website today, December 31. To date the website has received over 25,000 hits, it will remain on line and will be archived.

The posting reads:

“While we have lived in Canterbury, we have worked, initially through the Canterbury Area Gay Men’s Group , and then for 9 years with Pride in Canterbury,  to make the City and surrounding area a better place, for LGBT people to live. We are sad that the two very successful Gay Pride Days we organised in the City were not able to bring the community together. 

“We believed in our goals and we still believe that true equality must come to this area one day and that that is important, for both LGBT people and for the City.  However,  we are not getting any younger, and the opposition and indifference to our work, has made us realise sadly, that it probably will not happen while we can fully enjoy it. 

“Young, middle-aged or old there is little for gay people in Canterbury.

“We are therefore moving to Norwich, a vibrant city, where the progress towards LGBT equality is already taking place. We believe that we can be happy there, in a city where we can relax and feel that we belong.

“We have lived in Kent, for almost 24 years now, years in which, in spite of the tremendous progress made elsewhere, the LGBT scene has almost disappeared throughout the county. We have made some very good friends and acquaintances during that time. We hope that those true friends will visit us in Norwich.

“To everyone, gay or straight, friend or opponent, we wish you pride and we wish you rainbows!”


Andy & Martin