Exhibition to celebrate the rainbow city of Brighton & Hove

Besi Besemar May 15, 2018

Rainbow Cities Network and Brighton LGBT Community Safety Forum, celebrate the International Day against Bi, Homo and Trans phobia (IDAHOBIT) with a photo exhibition at Jubilee Library.

RAINBOW Cities, a network of international cities, including Brighton & Hove, is developing lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBT+) policies and has organised the exhibition which showcases fifteen different cities.

IDAHOBIT will be marked this year on 17 May providing an opportunity for cities from all over Europe and the Americas with an active LGBT+ policy to join in the exchange of expertise and experience.

The exhibition Trans * Gender explores ideas around gender identity, activism, trans lives and communities.  The cities have provided one photo each and Brighton & Hove’s features a resident attending the city’s annual Trans Pride event.

The Mayor of Brighton & Hove, Councillor Mo Marsh will formally open the exhibition at Jubilee Library this morning (Tuesday, May 15) at 11am. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Curator Wolfgang Wilhelm from Vienna says: “As Rainbow Cities, we emphasise that every single person has the right to experience any gender identity in freedom and that the public space belongs to all citizens. It’s your right to be who you are and to love whoever you like, and it is our duty to promote respect and acceptance towards gender diversity.”

Billie Lewis
Billie Lewis

Billie Lewis, Chair of Brighton & Hove’s LGBT Community Safety Forum, added: “We are delighted that this diverse and exciting exhibition is finally being presented here in our city. The collection is both empowering and visually brilliant. We encourage you to take the time to visit the Jubilee Library and enjoy the work in person before it moves on to another one of our fellow Rainbow Cities.”

E-J Scott
E-J Scott

Curator, Museum of Transology, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, E-J Scott, said: “I welcome this display into Brighton & Hove, home of the largest trans community in the UK.  It showcases the international diversity of our trans experiences, and in many ways highlights how fortunate we are to be trans in a city where our community is increasingly vibrant and confident.  By joining our voices internationally, we continue to raise visibility, fight transphobia and celebrate our trans lives.”

The exhibition will run until Sunday, May 20.