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Ex-LGBTQ+ advisor criticises equalities ministers

Rachel Badham May 20, 2021

Jayne Ozanne

On Wednesday, the UK women and equalities committee held a hearing regarding the disbandment of the government’s LGBTQ+ advisory panel, during which former advisor Jayne Ozanne said the current equalities ministers do not “truly understand” LGBTQ+ issues. The panel disbanded in April following allegations that the administration was becoming increasingly hostile towards the LGBTQ+ community.

As cited by The Telegraph, Ozanne said during the hearing: “We need a minister who truly understands and wants to stand at the front and be our voice in governing for the concerns that we have and, if anything, we were seeing the very opposite of that.” She explained that this is why she “push the nuclear button” and resign, adding: “[The equalities minister was] meeting with us because she had to…I’m not convinced she knew what was in the action plan.”

In response to accusations of neglecting LGBTQ+ issues, a government equality hub spokesman said: “The minister for women and equalities and this government believe in equality for everyone. That is why we have delivered on our commitments to LGBTQ+ people by announcing a legislative ban on conversion therapy and simplifying the process for applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate in recent weeks.”