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Elly Barnes is Proud2Be

Besi Besemar June 30, 2013

Elly Barnes
Elly Barnes

Elly Barnes has lent her support to an ever-growing LGBT campaign by making a video letting the world know she is proud to be a lesbian.

Elly was voted No.1 in The Independent on Sundays Pink List 2011. She has developed the fantastic ‘Educate and Celebrate’ training course and is the LGBT Schools Advisor for Birmingham City Council.

In her video she says:

“I am really proud to be a lesbian and I am very proud to have been an out lesbian teacher for many years now…and in teacher fashion I will summarise by saying that I am proud to be a fully paid up member of the LGBT community and I send you the strength and the courage to always be yourself”.

Elly Barnes Price Twins

The Proud2Be campaign began in June 2011 when identical twin brothers Mat & Jon Price sat in front of their web cam and told the world they are ‘proud to be gay’. Various British public figures have followed in the brothers footsteps and recorded similar messages telling the world they are proud to be who they are too, including, Stephen Fry, Peter Tatchell, Christine Burns MBE and Michael Cashman MEP.

The brothers are officially relaunching the campaign in Central London on Thursday, July 4 as they feel the message is as relevant today as it was two years ago.

They said:

”We started the campaign nearly two years ago when we felt that LGBT people needed more positive and affirmative messages about who they are. Although laws are changing, LGBT people, of all ages, still face oppression, misrepresentation and discrimination. Until that is no longer the case, the Proud2Be campaign will keep running”

 Sir Ian Mckellen said of the campaign:

”A terrific project…it’s a great encouragement to think that thousands of others will be proud to speak out”

The campaign is just one part of Proud2Be Project, a not for profit organisation that has been set up to encourage and support all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people to be proud of who they are. Proud2Be has already been put forward for a Princes Trust award and a National Diversity Award in the UK.

Through the project, Mat and Jon not only run the campaign but also facilitate social groups and residentials, host yearly rural pride events and are planning on opening LGBT community hubs in rural parts of the country. The twins also host their own LGBT radio show which can be heard every Monday at 6pm.

To listen to the show, CLICK HERE:

The Proud2Be Project invites everyone to contribute to their campaign! Whether LGB or T or their friend, family member, co-worker or educator. Now contributors have the option of not only recording a Proud2Be video but also taking a Proud2Be photo!

For more details on how to get involved, CLICK HERE: