Brighton Bear Weekend

Easter Message for the LGBTQ+ community during lockdown from Rev. Michael Hydes

Michael Hydes April 10, 2020

Each week there is an online mid-week meeting of the Brighton and Hove Faith in Action team, along with the city council, local police, and others. Faith groups and local support networks get to check in and share their progress through this epidemic. It’s wonderful to hear about the amazing work that’s being done all over East Sussex, and how various groups are supporting the community.

Gscene asked Rev. Michael for an Easter Message for the LGBTQ+ community during lockdown, here it is: 

At The Village MCC in Kemptown we are worshipping at our regular time of 6pm each Sunday, both with church members and friends on Zoom, and live streaming on Facebook. You can find us on Facebook under thevillagemcc.

I’m very fortunate as Deacons Isla, Charlie, and Wendy are helping to keep tabs on everyone, and although one of our members has been very ill with Covid-19 they seem to have turned a corner and are slowly recovering. Members are supporting each other, and the local community, with shopping and telephone support.

It seems very apt that we have been celebrating passover this week, as never before have I felt such a close connection to those Israelites who prayed fervently that disaster would pass them by – never really knowing what the future would hold. Locked down in their homes I wonder how they managed without the internet or TV!

If you would like prayer, or support, then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can do so at, or through our facebook, instagram, or twitter pages. I hope you have a blessed Easter, wherever you are.

Love and blessings
Rev. Michael x