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Dulcie takes sabbatical from Brighton Pride

Besi Besemar September 26, 2018

After many years of invaluable service in a variety of essential roles including Parade Manager, Dulcie Weaver takes a sabbatical from Brighton Pride so she can return to university and follow her first passion, music production.

A WELL known face on the Brighton LGBT+ scene, Dulcie has many years of DJing under her belt as well as event organising and promotion at a variety of venues across the city.

As part of the new Pride organisation Dulcie has been instrumental in overcoming the numerous challenges left in the wake of the previous bankrupt management, helping to create the current model that has delivered over £455,000 in fundraising in just 5 years.

Paul Kemp, Director of Brighton & Hove Pride said: “Dulcie and I have worked together on different projects for almost 30 years from the early days of Wild Fruit, Sunday Sundae and Cash Queen. As a loyal and respected colleague she has been a huge part of Pride in the last 5 years and I’m extremely proud of the partnership and continued friendship. I’m thrilled that Dulcie is going to be fulfilling her passion for music and know she’ll continue to be a huge supporter of both Pride and the Brighton LGBT+ scene and won’t be disappearing.”

Dulcie said: “I feel very honoured to have been able to serve the various LGBT communities for the past seven years. I’ve met so many great people from the third sector and am so amazed by all the things they do for their communities. I’d like to thank everyone who over the years, has helped to make Pride happen year after year. I wish Paul and his team a brilliant future and look forward to seeing a great fundraising result for 2018.”