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Drug worker receives Cranstoun’s ‘Inclusive Award’

Besi Besemar September 15, 2018

Gary Smith
Gary Smith

Gary Smith, the LGBT+ worker, at Pavilions, the drug and alcohol service received Cranstoun’s ‘Inclusive Award’ for spearheading Pavilions’ work within the LGBT+ communities of Brighton and Hove.

GARY has built strong working relationships with a range of agencies and works hard to promote the work of Pavilions across the City. He is known for his holistic and supportive approach to advocacy and recently received a special award for his work from MindOut, the LGBT+ Mental Health Service.

Gary has recently undertaken media interviews with both Gscene magazine and Radio Reverb, was instrumental in devising Pavilion’s LGBT+ social media advertising campaign and is an active member of Pavilions Equality and Diversity working group.

Cranstoun is the umbrella organisation that Pavilions services are part of.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem you can contact Gary on 07884 476 634 or 01273 731 900.

Pavilions Drug & Alcohol Services, is located at Richmond House, Richmond Road, Brighton, BN2 3RL.