Double your money for the Rainbow Fund right now

Besi Besemar March 5, 2013

Rainbow and Sussex Community Foundation are matching monthly donations made to local charities in Sussex!

Beginning at 10am on Tuesday, March 5, monthly donations made to eligible Sussex charities will be matched up to £10/month for a full year!

 To benefit the Rainbow Fund, click here: 

Pledging to give a small amount each month to your favourite charity makes a huge difference to their ability to continue the great work they do in your community.

Knowing that £10 or more is coming in every month means small, local charities can:

• Become more financially sustainable
• Plan ahead with confidence
• Expand their services to the community have made it easy to set up a monthly donation. Just click on the Give Monthly button on your charity’s webpage and follow directions.

Paul Elgood
Paul Elgood

Paul Elgood, Chairman of the Rainbow Fund said:

“This is a great way to get extra funding into our community. You can double up the money you donate, simply by making a regular payment online.

“Last year we were able to help a range of local LGBT groups and societies working in our community – from Allsorts to Lunch Positive. Your donation will help us do it again this year.

“We are only able to give out what is donated – there is no magic source for funding these days, so without these donations, the LGBT community groups will lose out. Please make sure you play your part to help our local community.” often runs campaigns to match donations made through the website, helping local charities and groups to raise even more funds online. Everyone can make a difference: a £10 donation really matters to a small, local charity struggling to survive – particularly when Gift Aid is claimed. And a matched donation boosts the impact local charities can have on our communities.

Here’s how match funds work:

£10.00     Your donation
+ £10.00      Donation matched by
+ £  2.50      Gift Aid (For UK taxpayers)

After a small processing fee, your £10 donation with Gift Aid means the charity of your choice will receive £21.54! A £10 donation without Gift Aid means the charity of your choice will receive £19.16.

Since the first match campaign in May 2011, over £3 million has been raised for thousands of local charities across the UK.