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Doctor Who star addresses London Gay Switchboard 40th birthday fundraiser

Besi Besemar November 24, 2014

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi addresses his sex symbol status and ‘vulnerability’ at special audience organised by Mark Gatiss for the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard’s 40th birthday.

London Switchboard

DOCTOR WHO star Peter Capaldi says he “genuinely can’t believe” his sex symbol status after the show’s fans dubbed him “gorgeous, hot and sexy”.

The new Who also told how his time in the tardis has been “extraordinary” but at times made him feel “vulnerable” during a fundraiser for the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard hosted by the show’s writer Mark Gatiss.”

“I genuinely can’t believe it”, the Scottish actor said of his unlikely heartthrob status. “The only person that I want to love me is my wife and that’s the only person that I love. But if people enjoy my profile in the privacy of their own home, well then…”

The 56-year-old also explained his choice of austere and minimalist attire for the Doctor, saying: “I wanted it to be quite sharp and I wanted school children to be able to copy me easily- I wanted it to be a simple look that could be imitated with a buttoned up shirt.”

Capaldi says he is still coming to terms with the fanfare of being Doctor Who but says he is carrying the torch for past Doctors including his young predecessor Matt Smith.

“I still have to go and do the shopping and have to do my MOT and all that dreary stuff but the other stuff is just absolutely extraordinary. You get met with so many smiles but really it’s because of the part. In a way when people meet me they meet Matt and Tom.”

But he added: “It’s a little exposing and some days you feel vulnerable but it’s been fabulous.”

Capaldi was joined by illusionist Derren Brown, Sue Perkins, Andrew Scott, Miranda Richardson, Amanda Abbington and Sherlock and Doctor Who writer Gatiss at a special audience held at The Criterion Theatre in London to raise funds for the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard’s 40th birthday appeal.

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