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Daily Telegraph criticised for publishing ‘biphobic’ letter

Rachel Badham July 29, 2021

Conservative broadsheet, the Daily Telegraph, has come under fire after publishing a letter from an anonymous father who called his daughter a “snowflake Gen Z” for coming out as bisexual. In the letter, published as part of a new ‘Parenting Confessions’ column, the author said that they can’t “converse with my woke 18-year-old daughter without getting angry”, adding that she recently announced: “I like girls and boys”. 

The author insisted: “My children can be whatever they want to be, and I will love them equally”, but stated his belief that his daughter isn’t bisexual and sees the orientation as trendy: “My daughter doesn’t like girls and boys; she likes boys. But she says she is attracted to both to jump on another woke bandwagon because for snowflake Gen Z, it’s trendy to be gender-ambiguous.”

Following the release of the column, Labour MP Charlotte Nichols tweeted: “Grim reading from the Telegraph with the biphobic trope that it’s a phase or something done for attention, with the paternalistic drivel that a father has a better sense of their (adult) daughter’s sexuality than their daughter does? Some girls do like girls and boys. Get over it.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Really, really shocked at the Telegraph for this. Imagine hating your daughter so much that you go out of your way to publish a newspaper article invalidating her bisexuality”, receiving over 15k likes on the tweet. The Telegraph has yet to respond to the criticism.