Culture Hustle offers Artistic Licence to Empower Creativity

August 2, 2020

Renowned British artist Stuart Semple’s Culture Hustle, an art store backed by a small team of young artists, scientists and paint makers, has announced the release of an official Artistic Licence, empowering creative individuals and organisations to go forth and innovate.

Much like a driver’s licence, the premise of the Artistic Licence is to officiate the skill, talent and interpretation of artists all over the world. It is designed to democratise the idea that to be seen as a serious, or talented creative, you must have immense experience, a degree from the right school, or have been showcased at an established gallery.

Semple vehemently believes that art and the desire to create it should be championed by all. Artistic Licence has been an unofficial permission granted to artists for decades, and yet even with being given this esoteric blessing, artists consistently face criticism for their individual interpretations or reinterpretations of the art they create.

‘I’m an artist, but no one gave me permission to do it. In fact people went out of their way to put me off. They told me I’d end up starving after chopping my ear off. I’m dedicating these licences to every kid who was ever told they couldn’t. Hopefully there’s something empowering about having a licence to solidify that you’re entitled to create, now anyone can be a legit licenced artist.’

Launched this week, Artistic Licence is available from the Culture Hustle website, and comes with a £25 credit for art supplies on the online store.