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CPS announcement concerns male victims of domestic abuse

Graham Robson September 19, 2017

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has published its first ever public statement recognising the needs and experiences of male victims of offences including rape, domestic abuse, harassment, stalking and child sexual abuse.

Written in partnership with the ManKind Initiative, Survivors Manchester and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of West London, Dr Ben Hine, the statement’s key issues include:

♦     Providing information for prosecutors to help challenge myths and stereotypes; understanding the experience of male victims within the criminal justice system; and providing details of support services for male victims

♦    Exploring issues that may arise because of multiple forms of discrimination such as those faced by (black, Asian, and minority ethnic) or LGBT victims

♦     Ensuring all relevant policies, guidance, training and case studies for prosecutors contain details on the experience of male victims and outlining any unique barriers to reporting;

♦     Working with NGOs and Communications to consider ways to dispel societal myths, especially around masculinity, as well as responding to media issues;

♦    Involving more national men’s groups in the scrutiny of CPS policies, guidance and training and within the VAWG External Consultation Group;

♦     Establishing a stakeholder forum on child sexual abuse to specifically ensure that work expressly includes boys as well as girls;

♦    Reflecting the male experience of these crimes, in relevant media communications, by working closely with men’s groups, to increase confidence in reporting; and

♦    Providing data on male victims where possible and, with partners, striving to improve the gender and relationship breakdown of CPS relevant data.

Mark Brooks, Chair of the ManKind Initiative, said: “The public statement, and the commitments it makes, are landmark moments for male victims of crimes such as domestic abuse, stalking and forced marriage.

“We are very pleased with the CPS for sending a clear and inclusive message to both the criminal justice system, and to society as a whole, about the need to ensure male victims are recognised.

“I am certain this statement will encourage more men to come forward with the full confidence of the positive support and acknowledgement they will receive when they do so.”

The ManKind Initiative is a charity helping men escape domestic abuse.

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