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Council workers get a grip this winter!

Gary Hart November 21, 2018

Unkept frosty footpaths and slippery streets won’t pose a problem for council staff out and about in the city this winter.

Brighton and Hove City staff with safety ice grips on their shoes

DOZENS of front line staff are being given rubber Crampons to fit over their shoes and boots, and provide extra grip when walking on slippery paths and roads.

It’s all part of Brighton & Hove City Council’s winter preparations to help ensure services run smoothly even in the most severe weather.

Home care support staff, officers from the housing estates teams and Cityclean workers, are among those being issued with the footwear to help them travel safely around the city.

Many other staff are choosing to invest in a pair to get them safely to and from work.  The ‘crampons’ which can be fitted to most boots and shoes, are inexpensive and can be bought through a range of different companies.

“We’ve been using Crampons for several years now,” said Care Support Manager Helen Nicholls. “They are extremely effective in helping staff get into work and, more importantly, to ensure we are able to visit clients who may be particularly vulnerable during severe weather.

“People often comment on how impressed they are at how we are managing to walk on the slippery paths and pavements!”