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Council to improve safety at The Level

Besi Besemar June 21, 2017

New measures improving safety at The Level will be introduced over the next few weeks.

The improvements are among a package of recommendations arising from a recent security review.

Visitors to the playground will see the two play units modified and made ‘open sided’ so users can always be seen.

Park lighting will also be improved. The central columns near the fountains will be raised to provide additional light over the lower park area near the pavilions. There are also plans to install an additional police CCTV camera on a new column

The council is also hoping to secure funding for a full-time park manager to work at weekends as well as during the week, carrying out daily park-wide inspections and maintenance.

To help tackle litter issues, large bins will be installed on the edges of the park.

These improvements will compliment other measures to enhance safety on The Level introduced over the past few months.

They include:

♦          Additional motion-sensitive lighting installed on the community pavilions;

♦          Additional 24-hour monitored CCTV cameras, linked to the police station, , including a new one on the café building, bringing the total to 13.

♦          ‘Windows at the community pavilion reinforced with toughened protective layers

♦          New signage on park noticeboards and inside community rooms giving people direct contacts to report concerns at the park

♦          City Parks staff carrying out litter picks and playground inspections at weekends.

♦          Increased police visits and patrols including use of drug dogs

♦          Community Safety partnership group expanding to include more council and community representatives

Cllr Gill Mitchell

Councillor Gill Mitchell, chair of the Environment, Sustainability and Transport Committee, said: “Community Safety at The Level is an ongoing issue and council works closely with the police, community groups and park users to identify problems, tackle anti-social behaviour and improve safety.

“We are currently working through the all recommendations in the community safety report with a view to making further improvements over the coming months.”

She added that many issues can be managed by a combination of good design and maintenance such as keeping shrubs and other vegetation cut back, repairing and maintaining fencing, and moving benches to more visible locations.

Regular visits by council contractors, to empty litter bins, deal with offensive graffiti, service public toilets, maintain fountains and clean community rooms all contribute to increasing safety in the park.

Initiatives to attract public use of park outside normal hours have also helped increase community safety.

The new café is now open 7 days a week, the two community rooms are used regularly and the park offers a varied programme of volunteer- led activities, community group events and activities.

For more information about events, activities and volunteering opportunities at the level, click here: