Council ‘takes the biscuit’

Besi Besemar April 1, 2013

An award winning City Council has been asked to make ‘gay biscuits’ available to LGBT staff to have with their tea on April 1.

Brighton and Hove City Council, who were the top performing local authority in the Stonewall Gay Friendly Employers Index in 2013 have been asked to make ‘gay biscuits’ available to staff in future to highlight the city’s diversity in biscuit consumption,

James Ledward, editor of Gscene Magazine, said:

James Ledward

“Why give the workers a plain McVitie’s when they can enjoy a glamorous Gariboldi.

“In fact, why not extend the policy to cheese. I would much prefer a nice slice of old Dutch Edam in my mouth than a plain old bit of Cheddar.”

Cllr Geoffrey Bowden
Cllr Geoffrey Bowden

Cllr Geoffrey Bowden, Chair of Culture, Tourism and biscuit procurement was not available to comment on whether is was an appropriate use of tax payers money.

A spokesperson pointed out that no one in the Council worked on April 1 as this year it was a bank holiday so the issue of “gay biscuits” was not an appropriate matter for discussion and it might upset people.