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Council bites back at irresponsible dog owner

Besi Besemar October 19, 2018

A Brighton dog owner ordered to keep her Rottweilers under control after one attacked and bit two other dogs.

Donna Riddell of Sovereign Court, Brighton Marina, has been told to ensure that one of the dogs, Peaches, is muzzled and kept on a lead when outside the home for the rest of its life. She must also pay the council £700 in costs.

Ms Riddell was taken to Brighton Magistrates Court by the council’s Animal Wardens Team after the owners of the injured dogs reported the two separate attacks.

The Magistrates also ordered that both her dogs be kept under proper control and not walked by anyone under the age of 18.

The first incident happened in East Brighton Park at the beginning of July when the two Rottweilers lunged and snapped at a Lurcher, with Peaches biting and puncturing the dog’s skin.

The matter was reported to the Council’s Animal Wardens Team who immediately began making enquiries to locate the Rottweilers and their owner.

Then later in July a similar attack took place at Brighton Marina with Peaches again biting a dog, this time a tiny Shih Tzu.

The council tracked Ms Riddell down and began legal action under the Dogs Act 1871 for a Control Order on both animals.

Cllr Jackie O’Quinn
Cllr Jackie O’Quinn

Cllr Jackie O’Quinn, chair of the council’s licensing committee said: “These attacks must have been extremely frightening for the dogs and their owners, so we are very pleased that magistrates have taken action against Ms Riddell and her dogs.”

She added: “This case shows the council will take action to ensure dog owners take responsibility for animals who are dangerously out of control.
“The witnesses in these attacks provided clear and detailed evidence and identification regarding Ms Riddell, which is always needed in order to begin proceedings against a guilty party.”

If you see a dog that is out of control and you can give the council a very good description of the dog and its owner, email or call 01273 294266.