‘Common Room’ garden space for London Road

Kat Pope May 4, 2013

Common Room in Brighton

After a successful trial last year, an area just off London Road is to be set aside as an oasis of calm in the midst of a desert of despair.

The little space outside St Bartholomew’s Church called Providence Place Gardens was given a fortnight’s makeover with picnic tables and seating being set up, as well as ping pong tables.

Nearby Ann Street had an artificial turf makeover with an art wall and special events and activities provided for the two weeks.

Called a ‘common room’ by the council, this shared and improved space was funded by money from Europe, and proved a big hit with local residents and visitors.

The council has now given the go-ahead for a package of permanent improvements which will be presented to locals for their scrutiny and reaction.

Detailed proposals will be presented next year for final approval, with the council hoping to start on the physical work soon after that.

It is all part of the ongoing scheme to improve the whole area encompassing The Level, London Road and the Brighton Station.