Circus ringmaster to stand as candidate in Brighton Kemptown

Gary Hart May 18, 2017

Circus of Horrors ringmaster to stand as an Alternative candidate for the constituency of Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven at the coming General Election.

Doktor Haze
Doktor Haze

Doktor Haze, creator and ringmaster in the outrageous Circus of Horrors has thrown his top hat into the ring, standing as an Alternative as opposed to an Independent candidate in the constituency of Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven at the forthcoming General Election on June 8.

The good Doktor decided to stand once he realised that the snap election coincided with the The Circus of Horrors performances in the WOW Big Top at Preston Park as part of the Brighton Festival.

He says: “I travel all over the World with the Circus of Horrors but when the snap election was announced I realised I would be in Brighton during the election run in.

Brighton has a lot of fond memories for me, it was the first City The Circus of Horrors performed commercially back in 1995. We have been to the city many times since and aside from London The Circus of Horrors have performed more in Brighton than anywhere else. I also love the diversity of the city and the tolerance and understanding of other cultures and communities within Brighton & Hove, this is one of the issues that I will be campaigning for. It shouldn’t matter what you look like, you should be accepted for what you are.”

Coming from very humble beginnings, Haze was born in a circus, abandoned by his dad and left with his mum and dog in a van in Wick, Scotland when he was 6 months old.

Reunited with his Dad and taught to fire eat in a circus ring at the age of 12 he left the circus to try to earn a living in a rock band before combining his theatrical upbringing with rock music and his other passion Horror to create the Circus of Horrors.

Doktor Haze who claims to be 668 (Vampire years) was a good friend of Screaming Lord Sutch a regular attender of The Circus of Horrors, and was encouraged by him to join the Monster Raving Loony party but always declined a potential political career – until now.

To view his manifesto, click here:

The manifesto contains an eclectic mix of the serious and quirky including his views on Brexit to scraping ‘Whips’ in the House of Commons to let politicians make their own decisions and standing by what they believe in.

“Whips need to be used in the bedroom and in fetish clubs – not The House of Commons” says the Doktor.

Ladbrokes are offering odds of 500 to 1 for Doktor Haze to win the seat.

If you don’t get to vote for Doktor Haze you can see him performing at The Circus of Horrors in the WOW Big Top on Preston Park, Brighton, on May 27 and June 3 with shows at 8.30pm.

Other candidates are:
Simon Kirby: The Conservative Party Candidate
Lloyd Russell-Moyle: Labour and Co-operative Party
Emily Louise Tester: Liberal Democrats