CRUSE Charity Gala at Queens Arms tonight, November 6

Besi Besemar November 6, 2018

Three years ago, following the death of his mother, the Scottish singer Allan Jay recorded a single written by Jason Prince and Lewis Greenslade to raise funds for CRUSE Bereavement Care, the national charity that helps people deal with grief and loss.

Each year since Allan has continued to do a “wee bit of fundraising” for the charity which provides such an essential service to those suffering bereavement.

This year thanks to The Queens Arms, Allan’s friends, Lynn PA Management and Julie Scott, Allan is hosting another fundraiser on Tuesday, November 6 starting at 7pm at the Queens Arms featuring a fantastic line-up of artists including Miss Jason, Davina Sparkle, Kara Van Park, Stephanie Von Clitz, Sally Vate, Jason Lee, Jason Prince, Christopher Howard and Lola Lasagne.

Allan said: “We are doing the night to raise money for Cruse Bereavement Care, a UK-wide charity that helps anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one. After I lost my mum in November 2015, I was approached to record a single originally written for Cilla Black – a song about loss. So with everything I went through, we decided to use it to raise money for Cruse. We had a charity night and managed to raise some good money. Now every year in November, I try to do a night to raise some money for the charity. So we are having a night at the Queens Arms with entertainment, raffle, and we’re hoping to have a small auction. We’ll be just raising as much as we can!” 

Event: Charity Gala for CRUSE Bereavement Care

Where: Queens Arms, George Street, Brighton

When: Tuesday, November 6

Time: 7pm

Cost: Free event – no tickets – get there early!