Calling gay men everywhere

Alice Blezard February 28, 2015

Experience the world’s only gay meditation dance retreat!

VacationTHIS May will see the world’s only meditation run for and by gay men take place in Turkey. Led by skilled gay teachers, Vacation will run for five days between May 20 and 25 and costs £295 per person.

The event aims to offer a rare chance for gay men of all ages from across the UK to get away and dance together as a community. No previous experience is necessary in order to take part.

Vacation offers gay men the chance to experience the healing power of meditative dance. Tucked away in a beautiful Turkish eco-resort, the 2015 event will be the third annual five-day workshop.

Vacation means to vacate oneself, and has traditionally been seen as a spiritual journey or retreat – to stand back, reflect and find a deeper connection with our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Throughout the five days you will move from ‘doing’ to ‘being’, as you take refuge from your daily lives and kick-start your summer, relaxing by the sea.


There will be plenty of free time to enjoy the wonderful eco-beach resort as you take time to share, create, swim and dance. There are no prerequisites for this retreat, and guys with no prior dance, movement or meditation experience are very welcome to join.

Anyone can do meditative dance – there are no rules, you can come as you are. As well as the physical benefits, people have reported that dance meditation has led to increased self-esteem and improved relationships with themselves and others.

Vacation’s past participants are a diverse group and come from all walks of life. The men who come to the Vacation retreats are keen to explore the chance to connect deeply with each other and build community, creating a new circle of friends along the way.

For more information contact, Neil Young on: 07940 112142

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