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Bus lane enforcement begins in Rottingdean

Besi Besemar December 23, 2014

CCTV cameras are being installed east of the Rottingdean traffic lights on the A259 to tackle the growing problem of cars and vans driving in the bus lane.

Cllr Ian Davey
Cllr Ian Davey

ENFORCEMENT will begin in the next few weeks which means that drivers could face a £70 fine if caught driving in the bus lane.

The A259 bus lane gives priority to buses, taxis, cyclists and motorbikes.

Councillor Ian Davey, lead member for transport at Brighton & Hove, said: “We need to make sure that bus lanes are free from unauthorised vehicles so that buses can provide a reliable, efficient and attractive service to the city’s residents and visitors. This bus lane also offers an alternative route for cyclists and motorcyclists on a popular coastal stretch. It’s time to do something about the increasing numbers of vehicles driving in the bus lane at Rottingdean.”

In a survey carried out last year, between 7am and 7pm nearly 1,500 cars and vans were found driving in the last 10 metres of the bus lane and more than 600 had moved into the lane between 30 and 50 metres out preventing buses from entering the bus stop. The survey was done as part of the trial of motorcycles using the bus lane but the council also received complaints about delays to buses. This is caused by vehicles filtering into the dedicated lane before the traffic lights rather than moving over to the left at the end of the bus lane.

Compliance with the bus lanes in the city is generally good with just 12 Penalty Charge Notices issued per day for being in a bus lane.

Martin Harris
Martin Harris

Martin Harris, MD of Brighton & Hove Buses, said: “People in Brighton and Hove use their buses more than any city outside the capital and keeping the bus lanes moving for all the bus users is essential for the economic and social life of the city.”