Brighton & Hove Pride to return for 30th Anniversary Celebrations in August 2022

Graham Robson January 25, 2022

The last two years have been extremely challenging for many of our LGBTQ+ community groups and businesses, so Brighton & Hove Pride is extremely excited to announce that plans are now well underway to bring back the full Brighton & Hove Pride over the weekend of August 5-7.

Everyone knows it’s been an extremely challenging time for the whole hospitality and events industry with the uncertainty and stopping and starting over the last two years. Pride would like to thank the thousands of people who have retained their early bird tickets and they can’t wait to welcome you back in 2022.

Costs for delivering large scale events have increased between 20-50% due to Brexit and the pandemic but Pride plans to come back with a full programme of Pride events to celebrate the delayed 30th Anniversary Pride.

This summer will see all the popular Pride events return, including: the FREE Pride Community Day and Pride Dog Show, the two-day Pride Village Party, the Pride LGBTQ+ Community Parade and the Official Fundraiser for the Brighton Rainbow Fund, and the two-day We Are Fabuloso festival on Preston Park.

The cornerstone of Pride is the LGBTQ+ Community Parade; this year Pride continues to reaffirm its campaign commitments, the theme for the LGBTQ+ Community Parade 2022 will be Love, Protest & Unity.

Love: A declaration of love for all our LGBTQ+ siblings and confirmation that Pride will always stand together as a community

Protest: Acknowledging that the Pride movement has its roots in protest and committing to continuing the fight for global human rights

Unity: A recognition that our differences make us stronger and a commitment to campaign until all are treated equally

TICKETS: With over 15,000 tickets already sold and retained from 2020 and 2021, all super early bird tickets have sold out. With announcements coming later this week, Pride recommends grabbing an early bird ticket now at 2019 prices before the next price band.

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