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Brighton & Hove City Council announce over 200 electric vehicle charging points in the city

August 15, 2020

Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) has announced electric vehicle owners looking to charge their cars in Brighton & Hove will now have more options than ever.

A project to install 207 on-street charging points is almost complete with 160 points ready to use with over 40 more being installed in the next few weeks.

The work has been funded due to £300,000 from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and a further £100,000 investment from Electric Blue, who were chosen to install, maintain and manage the charging points.

To celebrate the launch, Electric Blue will issue a 10-day free vend period on the Brighton & Hove network starting from Wednesday, August 12.

Residents and visitors can find their nearest charging point by downloading the Electric Blue App to their mobile phones. Charging will cost 26p per kWh and are fuelled by 100% renewable energy.

The council, which offers a 50% discount for resident parking permits for eligible low-emission vehicles, will receive 1p per kwh in year one increasing to 4p per kwh in year four.

Pete West, BHCC’s lead member for transport, said: ‘I’m pleased we can boast a growing infrastructure for electric vehicle owners in the city and we will certainly be looking to build on this good work.

‘As we look to meet our goals to reduce toxic emissions in the city, we aim to improve travel choice. 

‘Providing people with a number of diverse ways they can travel can help to minimise the number of high-emission journeys made in the city, and we hope this infrastructure will also support those who need a car to go electric. 

‘It’s also good to see that all charging is done using renewable energy; another huge plus.

‘The council is committed to its goal of being a carbon neutral city by 2030. This can only be achieved if we provide residents, businesses and visitors with sustainable travel options.’

Alex Calnan, Electric Blue’s Managing Director, added: ‘Along with BHCC we are pleased to launch this city-wide charging network as an important milestone in the journey to creating Zero Emission Cities. 

‘Providing charging infrastructure powered by renewable energy, in locations that drivers need, is one part of the solution. 

‘The project now moves into the exciting next phase of engaging with end users, to accelerate the transition to net-zero.’

Eighteen mandatory electric vehicle parking bays have been marked and we will continue to monitor the remaining spaces. Non-EV cars parked in a mandatory EV bay may be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice.

Picture from Electric Brighton, which exists purely to promote electric vehicles as an effort to combat climate change. For more info, CLICK HERE.