Brighton bids to become the UK’s first ‘Suicide Safer City’

October 30, 2012

Chris Brown

My name is Chris Brown, and I’m one of the two Directors of Grassroots Suicide Prevention, a Brighton-based suicide prevention non-profit organisation.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about what we do and why.  We’re a registered charity that’s been trading as a company since 2006, and we are experts in suicide prevention and mental health promotion.

Our vision is that no one will contemplate suicide alone.  There will be someone in every community with the skills and confidence to help prevent someone taking their own life.

We believe that:

• Suicide is a community health problem.
• Anyone can think about suicide, and anyone can learn how to help.
• Suicide is a very preventable death.

Honest and direct talk about suicide is the key to its prevention.

Grassroots teaches suicide prevention skills to community members and professionals working with vulnerable people.  We also deliver training about mental health issues, self injury and recovery.

For us, smashing down the stigma and taboo surrounding mental ill health and suicide is a huge part of our work.

Based in the South East of England, since 1997 we have trained over 3,500 people in suicide prevention and mental health.

We have seats on several advisory committees in Brighton & Hove and have contributed to both local and national suicide prevention and self-harm strategies. We are proudly working towards making Brighton & Hove the UK’s first Suicide-Safer City.

We will implement a plan that will help the city achieve certain milestones over a 3 year period and result in the city being awarded this internationally-recognised designation.

This is where you come in!  We are looking for expressions of interest from local businesses, organisations and individuals who would like to take part in the leadership committee.

To find out more, or to express an interest, email: