Brighton Bear Weekend

Brighton Bear Weekend cancel their Easter Quiz and suspend the Bear Weekend

Gscene Editorial Team March 18, 2020

A message from the organisers of Brighton Bear Weekend went out yesterday to advertisers, supporters and attendees to express their disappointment at having to cancel their upcoming events. Along with many other event’s, venues and entertainments places Brighton Bear Weekend are rolling events closely .

Their statement said

“We regret to announce that BBW 2020 scheduled to commence on 18th June 2020 will NOT now take place as a result of restrictions being put in place to mitigate the #epidemic.

In common with many other public events, and in the light of the Prime Minister’s statement on 16th March regarding social-distancing and self-isolation, we don’t consider it feasible or sensible to continue with the planned weekend.

We are hugely disappointed at this outcome, especially as it was to be our 10th anniversary weekend, but we have to play our part in protecting our teams and our communities from this virus.

The picture is changing daily, and we will continue to review the situation to determine whether we might be able to run the weekend later in the year or instead run various elements from the itinerary over several dates going forward.

Our thoughts are with everyone who is or becomes ill as a result of this epidemic and looking forward to seeing everyone happy and healthy when we can reconvene.”

Graham Munday, chair adds ” It is hard and feels very weird not just me, our team, but for all those that support us over the weekend and throughout the year.  It is the right decision, and we see that with other events being cancelled. We will be back, and we will still throw the best bear parties in town.

Over recent years Brighton Bear Weekend (BBW) has gone from strength to strength, and is now widely recognised as the one of the biggest and best bear weekends in the UK, attracting men not just from across Europe, but from all around the world. This is another great loss to the cities LGBTQ scene and fundraising groups this week.